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Plenty of Opportunity & Rewarding Careers to be had in Automotive Industry

According to Benny Leung President of TADA (2013-2014), the Automotive industry 

    With personality and drive, abundant skills and a passion for customer service, there are no limits on how far you can advance in the retail car business.

     The automotive industry is not always a popular career choice for young people, nor an option for those working in other careers. That's partly because there is still a stigma about this business that makes it difficult to attract good people.

     Many people find themselves in the car business almost by accident (as I did in the early 1980s). If you or someone you know is struggling with career choices, or are unhappy in their present job, I encourage you to consider the car business.

TADA is committed to promoting jobs and job training in the automotive industry and we are pleased to offer a comprehensive Job board to help recruit and grow the automotive leaders of tomorrow.

TADA is also in partnership with Colleges offering formal training in a range of automotive related skills. Take a look at their courses if you want an accelerated career path.

There is a wide range of roles available, including Marketing, Motorcycle Maintenance, Management, as well as Sales, Customer Service, Financial Controller, Body Shop and Automotive Technician. 

Check out the Automotive jobs posted sample below and start your great career today.

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Automated booking for test drives could be the way of the future for automotive dealerships. Do you see this technology coming to your business soon?http://ow.ly/G4qC30k9fqX 
Trillium AutoDealers (@TADA_CA) May 23, 2018