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Dealers develop support service

Created on Friday, 18 February 2011

The Toronto Automobile Dealers' Association (TADA) is rolling out a unique new product called Renewit at this year's Canadian International AutoShow.

This consumer support service, created and operated by the TADA, is being made available to all Ontario new car dealers. Renewit is a communications tool aimed at helping motorists with a host of automotive-related issues. Immediate access to information and resources is at hand 24/7/365 and includes a link to the consumer's new car dealer.

The program offers a wide range of public services for motorists, including road closures and traffic alerts (with text and real-time camera feeds), transit updates, gas price updates and even includes access to taxi services within the GTA.

All selections can be accessed from your Smartphone. Many additional applications currently under development and testing will be added shortly.

More importantly, the program also serves as a handy communication hub, where motorists can communicate directly with their new car dealership from any location. Up to three vehicles per consumer can be entered into the system, linking the driver to the participating Renewit dealership.

From a single, convenient connection, motorists can call or email the dealer at any time to arrange service appointments and test drives, make sales and leasing enquiries, order parts or seek advice.

Timely offers from the dealer that can be seen at a glance are another Renewit feature. Seasonal parts and service specials, and a link to their appointment coordinator to allow the booking of a service appointment and/or installation, are also available.

In short, your new car dealer now becomes a continuous source for information related to the acquisition, maintenance and repair of your automobile, as well as general information. Live contact with the Renewit call centre is another important feature.

The underlying concept is to make new car dealers more accessible to their customers, at any time of the day and from anywhere.

From a consumer perspective, one of the most helpful aspects of Renewit is the collision support service. All too often at automobile accident scenes, motorists are stressed and vulnerable; they are required to make quick decisions on the spot that may cost them considerable time, money and aggravation in the future.

With Renewit, consumers have easy access to a live agent who will provide quick, reliable information and assistance. They will advise motorists about dealing with injuries, gathering information, contacting police and arranging towing to the dealership's collision centre or its approved affiliated collision facility.

The Renewit Smartphone app easily allows consumers to enter and record details of their mishap (i.e., collision summary, witness information, attending police, insurance and licence information).

It costs the consumer nothing to enroll. The program was developed over two years, with the financial support of the TADA. The service is aimed at providing immediate access to the people and resources of your new car dealership.

It is being offered to all new car dealers in Ontario as a consumer courtesy communication tool that they, in turn, can give to their valued customers.

Many new car dealerships have signed up for the program and others are expected to do so within the next few months.

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