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Nanos Research Finds Majority Oppose Cities Having Power to Tax the Family Car

For Immediate Release
May 30, 2016


 TORONTO – A poll released today by Nanos Research shows a large majority of Ontarians – 71 percent - do not support municipalities having the ability to tax vehicles. For the past several months, the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association has been advocating that the Province of Ontario not allow municipalities the ability to charge their own taxes on vehicles. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is reviewing the Municipal Act, and is seriously considering giving new taxing powers to all municipalities – including a municipal Vehicle Registration Tax.



 “Nearly three quarters of Ontarians believe the provincial government should slam the brakes on giving municipalities the authority to tax the family car.  Ontarians have sent a strong message to provincial and municipal politicians that a municipal Vehicle Registration Tax is not welcome.”

 - Frank Notte, Director of Government Relations
Trillium Automobile Dealers Association

 “An overwhelming majority of Ontarians say the family car is a necessity to run their household. The Ontario Government should take steps to lessen the cost of owning a vehicle in order to promote Ontario’s auto sector and make life easier for Ontario families. A new Vehicle Registration Tax courtesy of your local municipality achieves neither of these goals.”

 - Frank Notte, Director of Government Relations
Trillium Automobile Dealers Association


Highlights of the Nanos Research poll include:

 Majority oppose municipalities having power to put taxes on cars –Around three quarters of Ontarians oppose (71%) or somewhat oppose (five percent) the idea of allowing municipalities to have the power to put taxes on cars.

 Three in four unlikely to support a politician in favour of giving taxing power to municipalities –Over eight in ten Ontario residents would be unlikely (74%) or somewhat unlikely (eight percent) to support a politician in favour of giving taxing power to municipalities

 Ontarians feel the timing is poor for a new Government tax on cars –Almost half (48%) of residents in Ontario feel that the timeliness of the new Government tax on cars is very poor. Additionally, over a quarter (28%) of residents believe the timeliness is poor.

Majority feel a car is a household necessity –Ontarians largely feel that having a car is essential (83%) in a household. Nine per cent believe it is somewhat essential.


The complete report can be found HERE


 The Vehicle Registration Tax has the potential to increase taxes on Ontario vehicle owners by $660 million per year.

 Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Ted McMeekin has not ruled out the possibility of allowing municipalities to charge a Vehicle Registration Tax, among other taxes, to all of Ontario’s 444 municipalities.

 The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association represents over 1,000 new car dealers across Ontario of every brand and franchise.

 Nanos Research is one of North America's premier research and strategy organizations, and the official pollster of record for CTV News - Canada's largest private broadcaster.


 Contact:  Frank Notte | 905-940-2225


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