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New car dealers are in the tire business, too

Created on Friday, 24 September 2010

Ten or more years ago, you could make a case that new car dealerships were not in the tire business.

Admittedly, we sold, repaired and replaced tires, but tires weren't heavily promoted or widely available at a typical new car dealer. Rather, they were sold as an accommodation for the customer, and so the business of selling tires fell to the independent and franchised tire stores.

During the past decade, many business models have evolved to accommodate all of the needs of their guests, and so too have ours. New car dealers have aggressively entered the tire market. This explains the appearance of many point-of-purchase displays and marketing messages advertising the wide selection and availability of tires.

Of course, we do sell and continue to provide all of the traditional service needs for our client's vehicles. But there is much more to a modern car dealership than meets the eye.

Dealerships have become larger, more elegant and more customer-focused. They have expanded their offerings to include a host of auto-related products and services, and one of the key growth areas has been tire sales and tire storage.

Many people mistakenly assume that our main focus is selling, servicing and repairing vehicles, and that they best go elsewhere to replace their tires. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are in the tire business and stock the brands and sizes that are specified or recommended by the manufacturer for your vehicle.

In fact, auto dealers carry most popular brand-name tires and wheels – competitively priced – for all makes and models, and for all types of driving conditions.

The level of tire knowledge and expertise that you'll find at a dealership today is second to none. Service advisors and technicians are trained to know about the latest tire technology and how tires perform in different environments.

Dealers have made the necessary investments in new equipment to properly install and balance an ever-growing variety of tire and wheel packages that are available in the marketplace today.

Now that fall is here, it is a good time to think about the advantages of snow tires during the winter months. As vehicles have gotten smaller and lighter over the last 20 years, the benefits of winter tires for handling and traction are more important than ever. New car manufacturers recommend properly fitted winter tires for best safety and performance during Canadian winters.

A set of winter tires, mounted on steel winter wheels, will save wear and deterioration of the original performance (or speed-rated) tires that come as original equipment on many of today's models. Extending the life of the factory equipped tires, and quick seasonal wheel swaps, are but two advantages of making this investment in safety.

Many new car dealers in the GTA have also reacted to the changing urban demographics in Toronto. They offer seasonal tire storage as a convenience for the large number of vehicle owners living in condominiums, apartments and smaller homes hampered by limited storage facilities.

Today, we compete head-on with the popular quick lubes, muffler shops and tire stores. We are experts on your vehicle's make and model, and we offer fast, convenient service, competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Parts and accessories (including tires) have become hugely important for dealerships. Gone are the days when our main parts customers were weekend do-it-yourselfers who purchased bulbs, spark plugs and oil filters to perform routine maintenance tasks in their driveways.

Whether you're looking for new snow tires, winter wheels, seasonal tire storage, batteries, specialty items or branded logo merchandise, your local new car dealership is sure to have a wide selection of quality products with the expertise to help you make wise buying decisions.

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