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Niagara Tells Province to Slam Brakes on New Car Tax in Unanimous Vote

February 26, 2016



THOROLD – Ontario’s new car dealers applaud Niagara Regional Council for not supporting a new tax targeting the auto sector and Niagara residents. Last night, in a unanimous vote, Regional Council passed a motion telling the province that it does not support the implementation of a Vehicle Registration Tax in Niagara.


Currently, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is reviewing the Municipal Act, and is seriously considering giving new taxing powers to all municipalities, including the ability to tax vehicles. To date, Municipal Affairs Minister Ted McMeekin has only ruled out a land transfer tax being extended to all municipalities (except Toronto which already has the taxing power). All other taxes are still under serious consideration.




“The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association congratulates Councillor David Barrick for putting the motion forward to stop a Vehicle Registration Tax from seeing the light of day in Niagara. Councillor Barrick understands the need to support the auto sector and helping to make life more affordable for Niagara families by not taxing the family car.”

- Frank Notte, Director of Government Relations

Trillium Automobile Dealers Association



“Through its unanimous vote, Regional Council has sent a strong message to the province of Ontario that a car tax is not welcomed in Niagara, and any plans to implement such a tax should be parked. We deeply thank Council for supporting the auto sector and helping to preserve the value of vehicle ownership.”


- Frank Notte, Director of Government Relations

Trillium Automobile Dealers Association




·       The Vehicle Registration Tax has the potential to increase taxes on Ontario vehicle owners by $660 million per year.


·       Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Ted McMeekin has not ruled out the possibility of allowing municipalities to charge a Vehicle Registration Tax, among other taxes, to all of Ontario’s 444 municipalities.


·       The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association represents over 1,000 new car dealers across Ontario including 37 dealers in the Niagara Region.



Contact:  Frank Notte | 905-940-2225


Watch the Debate and Vote Results HERE


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