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Casino Night 

Date: Thursday, May 29, 2014 

Time: 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Location: Vic Johnson Community Centre in Streetsville http://www.vicjohnston.ca/

Cost: $25.00 per person

Contact Person: Lee Wittick, email: lwittick@applewoodauto.com

Tel: 905 606 5020

Contributions:   If you wish to send a donation please make out the cheque to Applewood Chevrolet Cadillac in Trust for Sean Murphy,  3000 Woodchester Dr, Mississauga, ON, L5L 2R4



A TADA Member Needs Your Help! 

Applewood Autos are planning a "Casino Night" for Sean Murphy see story below....

Sean Murphy started at Applewood on February 28, 2011 as a lube tech.  Sean wasn’t your normal  typical 21 year old kid who needed a job; he loves cars and wanted to make the car business his career.

He came to work every day with a positive attitude, massive drive to learn as much as he could.  Within months his hard work, sense of humour and pure determination won the hearts of all the techs in the shop.  He is the most polite kid you will ever meet, and always respectful of every team member at Applewood.

Applewood has a hockey team that plays in a weekly men’s league and Sean was the guy who may not have had the most talent on the team, but he made up for it with his will to win.

Sean went to Grand Bend, on the August long weekend this past summer throwing the volley ball with his friends.  The ball was thrown to him but went over his head, so rather than wade through the water,

Sean decided to dive through the water to get the ball.  He thought he was diving into a deeper part of the lake, but instead he dove into an area that actually became more shallow.

Sean hit his face on the bottom of the lake and broke two vertebras in the front of his neck and three in the back of his neck.  Sean was instantly paralyzed from the neck down and was floating face down in the water as he could not move. Thank god one of his friends noticed him floating face down and quickly turned him over.  He gasped for air and said help me I can’t move.

His accident has touched everyone at Applewood, who are doing everything they can to support Sean, weekly visits to Lindhurst in Toronto where he has been since the accident, Applewood ran a fund raising BBQ and our team members raised $4000 then Applewood matched what the team raised.  We are also going to donate a wheel chair accessible van to his family so they can transport him to and from rehab when he is released. 

If you were to visit Sean in the hospital you would be surprised to see how positive he is, and how determined he is to move his arms and legs again.  Currently he has limited movement of his left arm and a bit more movement of his right arm, but he can’t move his hands or fingers.

Sean was be released from the hospital in April to go home, however his parents need to do around $80,000 in renovations to accommodate the electric wheelchair.  Applewood is going to host a casino night to help raise money for the family however, I know we will be way short of $80,000.

Applewood recently nominated Sean Team Member of the year (see the attached video) and he will be coming back to Applewood when he is ready and will work in our call center.

Words can’t describe how special this kid is!  He had such a bright future ahead of him; in fact he was to start the apprenticeship program the week after his accident.

TADA does a lot in the community what makes this one different, is that Sean is one of our own!  He is a valued member of the Applewood team, which makes him a part of the TADA family. 

Come out and support Sean on the 29th !!!