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Trillium Automobile Dealers Association Call on Ontario Liberal Govenment to end the Ineffective Drive Clean Program 


St. Catharines (April 7th, 2014) – The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association (TADA) launched a campaign today calling on the Ontario Liberal government to end its useless and costly Drive Clean Program. 

“Ontarians care about the environment, and we all want cleaner air,” said Frank Notte, spokesperson for TADA. “But this bureaucratic lemon of a program simply is failing Ontarians. Its biggest accomplishment to date is lining the Liberal government’s pockets with money taken from car owners.”

Ontario’s Auditor General reported in a study that Drive Clean program is doing little – if anything – to reduce vehicular emissions in Ontario and has had no measurable impact on air quality. Further, the Auditor General chastised the Liberal government for using the Drive Clean program, which is meant to operate on a cost-recovery basis only, to actually turn a tidy profit for the government.

This week, TADA will be rolling out radio advertisements to speak to drivers, beginning in the Niagara region, with messages directed at Environment Minister and St. Catharines MPP Jim Bradley and the Ontario Liberal government to #EndDriveClean program.

“We’re launching our end Drive Clean campaign in St. Catharines because we want to make sure Minister Bradley hears the message loud and clear,” said Notte. “The story is really simple: this program isn’t helping the environment; even with a recent token fee reduction, it is still an unnecessary cost for drivers; and finally, the fact the government has made money off drivers for years is offensive. It’s time the government listens to Ontario drivers and ends this useless and costly program.

“The Drive Clean program is wrapped in red tape that wastes time and money for auto dealers and drivers alike. Ontario car owners are left frustrated by the cost and uselessness of it all. It’s time for Minister Bradley and his government colleagues to admit Drive Clean’s best before date is long expired. It’s time to end Drive Clean.”

For Further Information Contact:

Frank Notte, Trillium Automobile Dealers Association, frankn@tada.ca, 905-940-2225

Erik Waddell, erik@teamplaybook.ca, 613-787-2001 x163



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