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New Car Dealers Support Hybrid Option for Gardiner East

TORONTO The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association (TADA) believes the “Hybrid Option” is the best solution for the future of the Gardiner Expressway’s eastern portion in order to ease traffic congestion and promote economic development. Rather than tearing down the eastern section of the Gardiner, the 'hybrid option' maintains the current traffic capacity and forms the only expressway link between the QEW and the Don Valley Parkway the only expressways to run through Toronto’s downtown core. 

Keeping the expressway between the QEW and Don Valley Parkway is critical to ease traffic congestion and ensure the safe movement of people and goods for the Greater Toronto Area. Tearing down a critical piece of road infrastructure doesn’t make sense for the GTA – where commute times are among the longest in Canada and North America.

- Frank Notte, Director of Government Relations
Trillium Automobile Dealers Association 

“Ontario’s auto sector – and economy as a whole needs a world class highway system in order to get goods to market as quickly as possible. Tearing down the eastern section of the Gardiner will increase the cost of doing business and negatively impact job creation for the GTA.” 

- Frank Notte, Director of Government Relations
Trillium Automobile Dealers Association 


  • -  The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association represents over 1,000 new car dealers across Ontario including 350 in the GTA.

  • -  A University of Toronto study estimated the dollar amount due to delays would total approximately $37 million per year on the morning commute alone if the eastern portion of the Gardiner was torn down.

  • -  The C.D. Howe Institute estimates the GTA loses between $6-11 billion in productivity every year courtesy of traffic congestion. 

For Further Information Contact:

Frank Notte, Trillium Automobile Dealers Association, frankn@tada.ca, 905-940-2225

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