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New collision service is aimed at helping new car dealers service your collision needs

Published Saturday October 18, 2014

It's my pleasure to welcome back former TADA president, Sandy Liguori, as a guest Wheels columnist today. It was Sandy's idea to form a new collision repair network, and here he explains what it's all about. Take it away, Sandy!

Past presidents of the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association have written extensively about the collision repair industry from the perspective of new car dealers and consumers.

     Today, I'm thrilled to announce the unveiling of Co-Auto Collision Services (CCS), an innovative program and exclusive network aimed at providing collision repair solutions and support services that benefit dealer customers. (CCS is a division of Co-Auto Co-Operative Inc., a buying group owned by member auto dealers.)

     Basically, CCS is a program that allows dealers to collaborate and share best practices among themselves. It's a tool that allows dealers to better understand and manage collision repairs so that they can offer improved services to their customers.

      Since CCS was launched in June 2013, 27 collision centres representing 80 new car dealers in Ontario have joined the network.

       For years, dealers have provided lifetime warranty, superior maintenance and repairs, but they have struggled to create a bond between your servicing dealer and your collision repair requirements. Collision repairs have largely been regarded as an after-thought, but with CCS, participating dealers now have the tools, resources and expertise to offer expert repair services using best-in-class tools and technologies to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

     By choosing a new dealership for collision repairs, consumers will have peace of mind knowing that the repairs are performed to stringent manufacturer’s standards, and delivered on time. When it comes time to trading in a vehicle, consumers will have added reassurance in that all of the proper disclosures about accident histories/repairs are readily available from the dealership.

     As the owner of Woodchester Collision Repair Centre, I realize CCS's value for dealers and consumers. For years, the challenge for collision repair centres has been how to improve the customer experience in an increasingly competitive market.

     When an automobile accident occurs today, many decisions are made at the scene, and shortly after. Who will tow your car to your servicing dealer? Who will pay for the tow? When should you contact your insurance broker? Will the collision facility use Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement parts?

     In too many cases, consumers end up making ill-informed decisions due to outside influences that may not have their best interests in mind, resulting in poor quality workmanship, excessive towing charges, high repairs costs and huge inconveniences.

     CCS allows dealers to provide a seamless experience so that customers have peace of mind every step of the way. This includes providing accident assistance 24/7/365 accessibility, fast and accurate estimates, best-in-class repairs, transparency and customer updates throughout the repair process, and strong working relationships with insurance companies.

     CCS members have now become a one-stop shop for all automotive needs by making available the quotation of auto insurance “right in the dealership.”

     At the end of the day, CCS will provide dealers with an important resource for offering value-added services and will allow them to strengthen their relationships with customers. It offers consumers another reason to choose their local new car dealership in the care and maintenance of their vehicle.

     In today's competitive marketplace, new car dealers are investing time and resources to connect with - and offer greater value to - their customers, and with CCS, dealers will be able to expand those offerings considerably.

     Having an automobile accident is not a pleasant ordeal. For most motorists, the process of choosing a repair facility and getting vehicles repaired to pre-accident condition can be a stressful and confusing process.                                                               

     Dealers that have signed onto CSS are in a position to alleviate those concerns and provide a

one-stop, stress-free collision repair experience.

     In addition to providing a comprehensive collision repair services, CSS provides customers with another important reason to choose their new car dealer for all of their automotive sales, service, aftermarket and now collision repair needs.  

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